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10 Must Know Reasons To Use Wall Panels

Ten Reasons to Use Wall Panels

Plastic wall panels are quickly becoming recognised as the sensible solution to commercial kitchen wall covering. From the largest hotels to the smallest takeaways, plastic wall panels are being rolled out. Why the sudden uptake? Here are ten major benefits of using plastic wall panels.

1. With wall panelling now available in a huge array of colours and designs, panels are now an aesthetic asset. Decorate your kitchen with coloured panels quickly and easily and ditch the dull and boring white paint job or ceramic tiles.

2. Wall panels can fit any type of room including spaces with uneven walls, odd alcoves and curved surfaces. Whilst tiling unusual angles can be extremely time consuming, wall panels simply mould around any obstacle.

3. Closing a kitchen to decorate might mean closing your business, so nobody wants a lengthy project. Tiling and even painting can take days or even weeks on end. Fitting plastic wall panels is quick and clean.

4. Don’t allow your kitchen to become the next Forth Bridge; repainting can become a long and tedious job. Wall panelling is long lasting and negates the need to continually redecorate your commercial kitchen.

5. The hygiene benefits of plastic panelling over ceramic tiling and painting are wide-ranging and could save your business from hefty fines and catastrophic reputational damage.

6. The ease of cleaning PVC wall panels cannot be underestimated. As there are so few gaps between panels, it is simply a matter of wiping the walls clean as you would a kitchen worksurface.

7. Plastic wall cladding panels also protect your walls from threats such as damp. Preventing mould growth and condensation in your kitchen is vital and wall panels can help.

8. They are cheap. Wall panels typically cost less than ceramic tiling and certainly cost less than paint when continual repainting is taken into consideration. When you add time into the equation there is no alternative.

9. PVC is surprisingly environmentally sound. Did you know that PVC consists of 57% salt? Salt is a material that is common enough in nature to not worry about over-usage. As PVC is less reliant on oil than other plastics it can be classed as a reasonably natural resource.

10. The chlorine content mentioned above gives PVC wall panels another advantage; excellent fire resistance. Those that worry about melting walls in the scenario of a chip pan fire need not fear.

There really is no alternative! IPSL supply and fit Proclad Hygienic Wall Cladding and Hygienic Ceiling Cladding Panels across the UK. If you are interested in taking advantage of all of the above benefits, get in touch with us!


Avoid Food Poisoning From Commercial Kitchens

Avoiding Food Poisoning: Kitchen Walls

Every day people in the UK are taken ill after eating food from residential and commercial kitchens. In fact, the Food Standards Agency estimates that food poisoning affects up to 5.5 million people in the UK each year. Huge fines are the least of your worries if your kitchen is responsible for food poisoning; reputations can be ruined by a single newspaper report. It is therefore vital to make sure that you are doing all you can to keep your product safe by keeping your kitchen clean. If there is one area that is consistently overlooked, it is the walls.

So if tiles aren’t the answer, perhaps it’s best to simply paint the walls? Paint is easy to source, quick and easy to apply and the finished product is seamless. It is also available in almost any colour under the sun! Unfortunately paint has several key drawbacks. Painted walls have very low resistance to many extremely serious strains of bacteria that can find your kitchen in hot water with health inspectors. Even if you are lucky and avoid such a fate, any impact with pans, pots and cutlery can lead to scratching and flaking, spoiling and ruining food in an instant.

So, with ceramic tiles and paint out of the picture, how do you cover your walls hygienically and quickly? Hygienic wall cladding is quick to install and more cost effective than either of the other options. With far fewer joining points than ceramic tiles, there is nowhere for bacteria to hide especially as the watertight, wipe clean surface is so easy to clean. With a high level of impact and stain resistance, you won’t be closing your kitchen to repaint or replace damaged tiles. Proclad is the hygienic, easily maintained, non particle shedding alternative.


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