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Commercial Kitchen Design

Commercial Kitchen
Design Trends For 2019

The very latest kitchen design trends seem to combine aesthetics with function, providing a clean look for surfaces while also being durable and hygienic. Here are three different types of kitchen surface coverings that we have been seeing more and more orders for since the beginning of 2019.

Plain white panels

Plain white commercial kitchen wall panels remain one of our best sellers because they are resistant to impacts and are long-lasting – for instance in a commercial kitchen they may be constantly knocked by staff pushing trolleys or moving heavy boxes around. It is important to look out for grading information when you are comparing these panels, and they can be classified as 'Premium,' 'Plus' or 'Hyper.'

Premium panels

Premium panels can usually be sourced in 2.44m x 1.22m or 3.05m x 1.22m sheet sizes, and they are suitable for installation with a variety of adhesives and trims. Our most popular design in this category is a satin finish uPVC panel.

Plus panels

Plus Grade Panels have a lightweight core and have a gloss finish.

Hyper grade panels

Hyper grade panels have the added benefit of having a highly effective antimicrobial agent added to the surface for protection against bacteria – these are often used in catering environments which have higher care requirements such as hospital kitchens.

Decorative kitchen wall cladding

The most effective decorative kitchen wall cladding will carry out some or all of the functions mentioned above when it comes to how plain white panels are categorised, but with the added bonus of adding a distinctive look to a particular surface. 'Ice tiles' have grown in popularity in recent months as they add a distinctly cool texture, along with any style that gives the impression of a brick wall without the undesirable rough and jagged surface to the touch.

Along with these flatter options, uneven surfaces also seem to be gaining in popularity, with the brick effect having a number of different randomly-arranged depths without sticking out too far into the kitchen itself. The variation in depths is only very slight in reality, but when standing back and admiring the wall from a short distance it really does create a very striking effect.

Kitchen ceiling panels

Our most popular line in commercial kitchen ceiling panels is the Proclad range, and these hygienic panels are also lightweight, durable, and flexible enough to be drilled through for the fitting of spotlights – this is a very important feature when installing them in a commercial kitchen that requires extra lighting in certain areas.

In terms of trending colours, pearl white and white with silver highlights are the most popular shades, and the latter one, in particular, gives a very eye-catching finishing touch to any ceiling due to the way that it catches the light and redistributes it around the room without it dazzling people who are trying to work.

However you decide to remodel your kitchen walls and ceiling, the team at Interior Panel Systems is ready to advise you about how you create the perfect look that also meets your functional needs.

Bathroom Wall Panels vs Tiles

Bathroom Panels vs Tiles
Which Is Best For Your Bathroom?

If you’re building, renovating or updating a bathroom, your first instinct might be to hit the tile showrooms. But stop: bathroom wall panels may be a far better option, especially for family bathrooms, stress-free decorating, or interior designs that need to be durable. One of the reasons tiles have been the automatic “go to” solution for bathroom home improvement projects, is lack of awareness that panels for this purpose even exist! For other homeowners, there’s a misconception that tiles are the only creative option.

If you're decorating a bathroom on a budget, you may also mistakenly believe that removing bathroom tiles makes a change of wall surface too expensive, or too messy.

Let’s deal with these issues and myths, and more.

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Tiles: advantages and disadvantages

The design and manufacture of bathroom tiles has advanced rapidly, providing homeowners with abundant choice and price ranges. However, the process of installing tiles can be time-consuming and expensive. It's also a tricky task, and in the wrong hands can leave you with a less than perfect surface.

Hands up if you enjoy grouting tiles, or indeed the endless task of cleaning off soap scum or mould between tiles? No matter how expert your tile fitting job, you could face repeatedly having to deep clean tiled areas in your bathroom, to keep them looking good.

Tiles can also become damaged or loose, meaning they have to be replaced. This is especially true in areas of your bathroom which are prone to spillages, splashes or heavy items being dropped.

Bathroom panels: advantages and disadvantages

Bathroom wall panels are engineered from 100% waterproof materials. They provide a high degree of hygiene in bathrooms, as they are manufactured from quality components that are mould resistant. They also provide a strong, scratch proof wall surface, even in family bathrooms that can get a hammering!

With panels, it's possible to change your bathroom décor quickly and inexpensively, making them doubly attractive as a bathroom wall idea.

Though bathroom wall panels don’t have the same vast range of design options, just like tiles they offer a high degree of creativity and personal choice. This includes, for example, marble or stone effect, woodgrain, satin or gloss white and even mosaic patterns.

Clearly, bathroom wall panels are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to tiles, as well as “boxing off” all the benefits listed above!

How easy is it to fit bathroom panels?

Having pointed out how problematic and costly tile installation is, it seems worth emphasising the simplicity of using bathroom wall panels as an alternative, not least as it's possible to fix panels securely in place on top of existing tiled walls, making it an even quicker home improvement solution. Incidentally, if you do decide to remove the tiles first, smashing them off is quicker and cheaper than painstakingly installing them!

For this great bathroom idea, simply measure your wall then buy panels of sufficient size. They are designed to fit together quickly and seamlessly – usually employing a tongue and groove system.

Panels can then be fixed to the wall in a highly reliable manner.

Such is the simplicity of their installation, it's a straight forward DIY project. Not least as you can buy wall panel kits containing all the quality joints, trims, fixings, adhesives and sealants you need. Moisture and foreign materials can be wiped off easily and quickly, and your bathroom panels will stand the test of time.

In fact, you will be “en-tile-y” happy with the result!

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Budget Bathroom Makeover

The Ultimate Bathroom
Makeover Guide

If your bathroom is looking a little worn out, dull and faded, you might need a renovation. Planning to overhaul the look of your bathroom can be challenging, but it does not have to be if you know what you want. Here are a few pointers to start you off in the right direction when it comes to a bathroom makeover:

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Creating a budget and sticking to it

Remodelling can be costly, and your budget can soon overrun if you don't plan the work properly. Make sure you communicate clearly with labourers and contractors about what it is you want. That way, you'll avoid the need for additional fees for material changes, labour, and scheduling adjustments.

Even if you do the makeover yourself, you will still run into extra costs when it comes to buying new materials. It is always advisable to create a planned layout of the fixtures, materials, labour, finishes, and remodelling time frame. All these should be incorporated into your budget.

Inspiration and ideas

Bathroom Panels



Have you considered bathroom shower panels for your bathroom renovation? They are more waterproof than tiles, and also require almost no maintenance to keep clean. Bathroom panels do not require grouting, and they can be fixed over existing surfaces, such as tiles. Wall panels can transform your bathing space instantly, giving it a fresh, new look.

Other things you should think about in your bathroom makeover are the patterns and lighting. For a classic and elegant look, ensure your bathroom features dramatic vanity sconces. For a balanced look, install light fixtures above the pedestal sink on either side of the mirror. Strive to ensure that the lighting complements the general bathroom look without making it too glaring or too dull.

Consider mixing patterns to add character to your bathroom space. The panels, hand towels, floor, and sinks should all work together for a coordinated look. This is where your colour choice and combination determines the final appearance of the bathroom.

Choosing the right contractor

You might have all the materials right, but if your choice of a contractor is wrong, the outcome could be devastating. Go to a contractor who specialises in bathroom remodelling. Do a background check to see how much experience they have in the field. A few reviews and recommendations from their list of clients would go a long way in helping you to make an informed decision. You also should check their insurance and licence. You want to ensure they have compensation liability in case of accidents. Carefully study their proposed contract and establish how the contractor addresses unforeseen conditions.

If you are going down the DIY route, it’s worth getting professional help for jobs that you are not fully confident in. Plumbing, ventilation and electrical fittings in the bathroom are areas you may need assistance with.

When it comes to wall decor, bathroom panels can usually be fitted easily by anyone with reasonable DIY skills. They are faster, easier and cleaner to install than tiling whether you are completing the job yourself or employing a contractor.

Why Use Hygienic Wall Panels In Your Commercial Kitchen

Why You Should Use Hygienic Wall Panels In Your Commercial Kitchen

There’s a great deal more awareness about the value of proper hygiene in kitchens these days. Indeed, commercial kitchens face the heavy weight of legislation in scrupulously designing and managing food preparation areas. No one wants to give people food poisoning, especially when it could endanger the lives of small children and the elderly!

This emphasis on creating clean and sterile kitchens makes alternatives to tiles highly attractive. Especially as hygienic wall cladding is designed and engineered to look aesthetically pleasing, as well as providing the ultimate in contamination control.

Quick to install, inexpensive and durable, commercial kitchen wall panels are fast replacing less dependable surfaces.

More About Commercial Wall Panels

Are your kitchen walls a breeding ground?

Segregating food in storage, washing your hands and keeping cooking temperatures at a correct level are all now widely understood. But what about the microscopic germs that lurk in the corners and cracks of your kitchen walls? Even with the best cleaning regime, grouting on tiled surfaces can be hiding places for mould and bacteria.

That’s on top of the ever-present danger of tiles becoming loose or cracked. In busy homes or commercial kitchens, there are lots of incidents of heavy objects crashing against a tile surface. This can easily lead to scratches and hairline fissures: ideal breeding ground for unwelcome visitors!

With correctly installed PVC cladding for kitchens, this risk is eliminated.

Why wall panels are hygienic in commercial kitchens

Wall panels are engineered from quality materials and created to provide a 100% waterproof and durable barrier on your kitchen wall interior design. They are supplied in lengths to quickly cover substantial sections of your wall, slotting together to create a flawless finish.

Fixing and sealing them could not be easier, even as a DIY kitchen project. Especially if you buy a kitchen wall panel kit with all the panels, adhesive, trim and other accessories you need for effortless home improvement.

Once in place, kitchen wall panels are mould and scratch resistant. Their smooth, seamless surface is easy to wipe clean if you have condensation, splashes or spillages.

Lasting good looks for your kitchen walls too

This level of hygiene in domestic or commercial kitchens does not mean compromising on appearance!

Kitchen wall panels come in a choice of designs, to suit all preferences and interior designs. This includes solid colours, that mimic or complement the appearance of existing structures in your kitchen. You call also buy wall panels in marble or stone effects, with wood grain patterns or in gloss or matt white. The design possibilities of kitchen wall panels also include mosaic and tile-effect options. The end result can look luxurious and pleasing, but it will also be a durable kitchen wall solution. PVC cladding for kitchens is a sensible long-term purchase if you don’t intend to redecorate your kitchen again in the near future!

Incidentally, if you do have existing tiles on your kitchen walls, and don’t want the expense or mess of removing them, fear not! It’s possible to fit wall panels over the top of tiles, to create a sealed, clean surface. This all means that for a hygienic, smart and long-lasting kitchen décor, wall panels “clean up” with their long list of advantages.

More About Commercial Wall Panels

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