Bathroom Ceilings

Bathroom ceilings are often a problem area in the home. The steam and resulting condensation plays havoc with the usual ceiling covering such as painted plaster or wall paper over plaster. The continual presence of moisture leads to mould, and eventually paint and paper peel, and even plaster starts to come away. The next time you are in your shower have a look over your head – you may find the bathroom ceiling in quite an unsightly condition.

Now maybe you are one those people who don’t care about this type of problem, but if you do care then I have the solution for you. UPVC panels are perfect for covering bathroom ceilings; they are made from the same stuff that is used in making modern windows and doors so are totally waterproof, and do not rot or deteriorate in any way when exposed to water or steam. These panels are tongue and groove so fitting them together is a breeze. Unless the existing bathroom ceiling is in really bad condition then the uPVC panels can be screwed directly on with minimum preparation and a range of trims are available to finish the job off nicely. A range of styles and colours are available, but the two most popular are plain white, and white with a silver highlight line running along the panel.

The finished job will look good for years and years, and you won’t need to do the job again – unless, of course, you have several bathroom ceilings in your home!

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