How to Prevent the Spread of Disease and Infection

Nobody likes being ill. It is miserable being bedridden, sick and unable to do anything apart from feel poorly. Unfortunately there is no way to avoid being ill at least some of the time, but if you are careful and look after yourself as well as your living environment, it is possible to avoid succumbing to viral infections and other nasty diseases.

Nice Clean Hands

A good way to prevent the spread of disease and infection is to wash hands regularly. Many bugs and viruses are passed from skin to skin contact. For example, a sick person sneezes into their hands and then touches a railing. Ten minutes later you touch the same railing and then rub your face. Germs from the sick person are passed to you, even though you have not actually come into contact with that person. So wash your hands and, even better, take antibacterial hand rub if you travel on public transport.

A Hygienic Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen clean and spotless is a good way to avoid food poisoning and other nasty infections found in meat and other foods. Undercooked meat, spoiled foods and food that hasn’t been cooked properly can easily make us ill. You also need to make sure you wash fresh fruit and vegetables, disinfect work surfaces regularly, and beware of cross contamination between raw and cooked foods. Antibacterial commercial grade Proclad panels are perfect for kitchen environments. Oh yes, and don’t forget to wash your hands before preparing food!

Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet will go a long way towards protecting you from viral infections and illness. Include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables in your daily diet as these contain essential vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system.

Take Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is also important for maintaining a healthy immune system. Try and do at least thirty minutes of vigorous exercise, three times per week, as this will help you fight off the bugs you come into contact with on a daily basis.

Practice Workplace Hygiene

Workplaces are full of germs: computer keyboards, electrical equipment and desks are teeming with bacteria and bugs, so it is not surprising that we are more likely to catch colds and viruses from work than anywhere else. And when you add the perils of working under an air conditioning vent for eight hours per day, it’s a wonder everyone isn’t permanently off sick!

Sick Person Alert

Unfortunately, this is part of the problem. People tend to drag their weary bodies into work even when they are not well. As a result, germs linger on and infections are spread from one person to another. This is a major problem in hospitals, despite that they usually have strict infection control measures in place to prevent the spread of disease. So if you are feeling ill or suffering the effects of a viral infection, do everyone a favour and stay at home until you are feeling much better.

Infection and disease is difficult to avoid unless you live in splendid isolation, but if you follow the tips above, you should limit your chances of developing a major illness.

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