Discover Hygienic Cladding In Commercial Kitchens

The Benefits of Using Proclad in a Commercial Kitchen

All kitchens need to be kept in a hygienic state because unhygienic kitchens are a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. But whilst it is important to keep your own kitchen nice and clean, it is even more essential if you are operating a commercial kitchen. Imagine how catastrophic it would be if your kitchen was filthy and then you had a visit from an Environmental Health inspector?

Hygiene is essential in commercial kitchens. Obviously commercial kitchens, like all kitchens, need to be cleaned regularly, but one way to avoid a build-up of dirt and grime is to make sure surfaces are easy to wipe down and resistant to bacterial growth. Smooth surfaces are far easier to disinfect and clean, which is why plastic wall and ceiling cladding is much better than more traditional surfaces such as ceramic tiles and painted plasterwork.

Smooth Surfaces

Plastic Proclad panels can be bleached and wiped down. Grout between tiles and uneven edges are a magnet for dirt. If you opt for smooth, plastic cladding, you don’t need to worry about scrubbing the grout clean with bleach or picking bits of food and dirt out from between tiles and uneven joins to worktops or walls.

Impact Resistant

Walls and wooden panelling are susceptible to damage from heavy machinery, tools and furniture. It doesn’t take much to leave a dent in a plaster surface or wood panel, which in time will need repairing or it will attract extra grime and dirt. Proclad panels are extremely hard wearing and resistant to any type of impact, which makes them a great choice in a busy commercial kitchen. If someone accidentally bangs a piece of heavy equipment into a wall, it won’t matter if that wall is clad in Proclad panels—you won’t notice a thing.

No Flaky Bits!

Old paint and plasterwork sheds flakes and microscopic bits, which in a food preparation area is less than hygienic. Imagine how unpleasant it would be if you were creating some delicious dishes for customers, only to belatedly discover that the wall above the worktop was shedding paint flakes like dandruff. With Proclad, you don’t have to worry about a thing because Proclad is a non-shedding material.

Fire Retardant

Fires in kitchens are not uncommon, particularly in commercial kitchens where a lot of people are working in a confined space, which is why fire blankets and small extinguishers are essential. In fact if you don‘t have these, you could be prosecuted. Most small fires are easily extinguished, but if there are lots of flammable materials around, a small fire can soon get out of hand. Proclad wall panels are fire retardant, so if a fire does break out, at least it won’t spread via the kitchen walls.

Check out some commercial kitchens in your area and you will probably see Proclad wall cladding in place of traditional ceramic tiles or plaster walls.

Proclad is the wall cladding material of choice for many restaurant and food preparation businesses, so if your kitchen needs a refit, Proclad is the perfect solution.

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