Why Use Hygienic Wall Panels In Your Commercial Kitchen

Why You Should Use Hygienic Wall Panels In Your Commercial Kitchen

There’s a great deal more awareness about the value of proper hygiene in kitchens these days. Indeed, commercial kitchens face the heavy weight of legislation in scrupulously designing and managing food preparation areas. No one wants to give people food poisoning, especially when it could endanger the lives of small children and the elderly!

This emphasis on creating clean and sterile kitchens makes alternatives to tiles highly attractive. Especially as hygienic wall cladding is designed and engineered to look aesthetically pleasing, as well as providing the ultimate in contamination control.

Quick to install, inexpensive and durable, commercial kitchen wall panels are fast replacing less dependable surfaces.

More About Commercial Wall Panels

Are your kitchen walls a breeding ground?

Segregating food in storage, washing your hands and keeping cooking temperatures at a correct level are all now widely understood. But what about the microscopic germs that lurk in the corners and cracks of your kitchen walls? Even with the best cleaning regime, grouting on tiled surfaces can be hiding places for mould and bacteria.

That’s on top of the ever-present danger of tiles becoming loose or cracked. In busy homes or commercial kitchens, there are lots of incidents of heavy objects crashing against a tile surface. This can easily lead to scratches and hairline fissures: ideal breeding ground for unwelcome visitors!

With correctly installed PVC cladding for kitchens, this risk is eliminated.

Why wall panels are hygienic in commercial kitchens

Wall panels are engineered from quality materials and created to provide a 100% waterproof and durable barrier on your kitchen wall interior design. They are supplied in lengths to quickly cover substantial sections of your wall, slotting together to create a flawless finish.

Fixing and sealing them could not be easier, even as a DIY kitchen project. Especially if you buy a kitchen wall panel kit with all the panels, adhesive, trim and other accessories you need for effortless home improvement.

Once in place, kitchen wall panels are mould and scratch resistant. Their smooth, seamless surface is easy to wipe clean if you have condensation, splashes or spillages.

Lasting good looks for your kitchen walls too

This level of hygiene in domestic or commercial kitchens does not mean compromising on appearance!

Kitchen wall panels come in a choice of designs, to suit all preferences and interior designs. This includes solid colours, that mimic or complement the appearance of existing structures in your kitchen. You call also buy wall panels in marble or stone effects, with wood grain patterns or in gloss or matt white. The design possibilities of kitchen wall panels also include mosaic and tile-effect options. The end result can look luxurious and pleasing, but it will also be a durable kitchen wall solution. PVC cladding for kitchens is a sensible long-term purchase if you don’t intend to redecorate your kitchen again in the near future!

Incidentally, if you do have existing tiles on your kitchen walls, and don’t want the expense or mess of removing them, fear not! It’s possible to fit wall panels over the top of tiles, to create a sealed, clean surface. This all means that for a hygienic, smart and long-lasting kitchen décor, wall panels “clean up” with their long list of advantages.

More About Commercial Wall Panels

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