Proclad Solution for Barnsley Bathrooms


Berneslai Homes is responsible for managing just under 20,000 homes on behalf of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council. Berneslai Homes came into existence in December 2002 and amongst other work it carries out repairs and maintenance for the council properties.

Most of the homes that Berneslai look after have previously used tiles for the wall finishes in the bathrooms and showers – initially tiles promised a hard-wearing and waterproof finish, but as times goes by the grouting deteriorates, mould grows, tiles get cracked and broken, and in some cases tiles start to fall away. They needed a product that would not have these problems, would have a long life expectancy, and importantly, would be a straight forward installation – controlling labour costs.

IPSL’s Proclad Plus Grade product has proved to be the perfect solution. The grade chosen is a rigid PVC sheet that covers almost 3 square metres each, trims for joints and edges, and a curved profile for finishing internal corners. No specialist wet trade is needed for the installation, which is fast and hassle-free. Maintenance is virtually non-existent as there is no grout for mould to grow on or to come loose; the impact resistant plastic does not crack like tiles, and the large jointless surface is easy to keep clean.

For Barnsley, Proclad has become the product of choice for cost effective, waterproof, easy-clean and durable walls.

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