Spring Cleaning Tips for Busy People

In an ideal world we would live in immaculate homes with gleaming kitchens and not a speck of dust in sight. Sadly most of us are not that lucky. Every day is a constant battle against a relentless tide of mess and muck and unless you have serious OCD tendencies, cleaning is probably a major chore, one that you can quite cheerfully leave until another day. However, as odious as cleaning is, it is better for your health if you live in clean house. Cleaning may be time consuming, but a clean and hygienic home is the best way to keep the germs at bay.

Aspire to a Clean Room

There are many products that have to be manufactured in a controlled environment: food and pharmaceuticals to name but two. The environment in commercial clean rooms is strictly controlled in every way. Air is filtered and even the walls, floors and ceilings are coated in a non-particle shedding surface such as Proclad panels to prevent contamination. Obviously this level of hygiene is a few steps too far in a regular home, but it doesn’t hurt to aspire to this level of cleanliness, at least in the kitchen and bathroom.

Disinfect Everything

When it comes to spring cleaning, bleach is your friend. Start as you mean to go on and disinfect everything to remove all traces of germs. Fancy cleaning products smell nice and look pretty, but a dilute solution of bleach is just as effective at cleaning hard surfaces in the home. Pour some neat bleach into a clean spray bottle and dilute it down. You then have a handy spray for cleaning kitchen cupboards and harder to reach places. Do remember to wear old clothing, though, so you don’t end up with white patterns over everything.

De-clutter Your Home

It is much easier to clean a home free from clutter and mess. Dusting surfaces takes forever when you have to painstakingly move 152 ceramic dogs. Spring cleaning is a good opportunity to have a clear out. Dig out some charity bags and do your bit for a good cause—there is bound to be someone else out there who has a passion for ceramic poodles.

Get Jiggy with the Vacuum Cleaner

Modern vacuum cleaners have all kinds of fancy attachments these days, so make good use of them to reach into every last nook and cranny in the hunt for dust and dirt. Move furniture so you can vacuum up the dust bunnies luring beneath sofas and cupboards. Clean the cobwebs from the edge of the ceiling. And lastly, vacuum along the edge of skirting boards.

Cleaning the Easy Way

Since spring cleaning is a labour intensive task and you probably have far better ways to spend your time, like going to the gym or meeting friends for coffee. But there is a much better way to get the job done. Yes, bribe the kids instead. If you are lucky they will be willing to help for free, but it is far more likely that offering cash for doing essential cleaning chores will be the only way to secure their assistance.

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