Hygienic and fire resistant cladding solution for commercial settings

Wall Panels: Hygienic & Fire Resistant Solution for Commercial Settings

Food hygiene and fire safety are two areas that are very important in commercial settings. There are various regulations regarding these areas. You can read about fire safety at work at the Gov.uk website, or visit the Food Standards Agency for details on food hygiene regulations. You can also read about your responsibilities when it comes to preparing food.

One area that you must consider when it comes to fire and food hygiene regulation is the materials you use in your establishment.

Surfaces often need to be hygienic and fire resistant, especially in commercial kitchens where food is prepared or in settings where hygiene is particularly important, such as operating theatres and veterinary practices.

That’s why many businesses are choosing to use wall panels as their material of choice for the walls, which are a suitable option because of their hygienic and fire resistant qualities.

Wall Panels Overview

Wall panels, also known as hygienic wall cladding or by their brand name, Proclad, are high-quality panels that can be fitted to walls quickly and to a high standard.

They are quicker and easier to install than tiles, and they are also durable, waterproof, stain resistant, impact resistant and easy to maintain. They are also a cost-effective solution, they can be fitted even to uneven surfaces, and they meet fire and hygiene regulations.

Hygiene is always the most important factor in commercial food preparation areas. But while you may clean the floors and preparation surfaces regularly, it can be easy to forget about the walls.

Some wall materials are not considered particularly hygienic. Stone, wood and brick surfaces are surfaces where bacteria can thrive, and their irregular surfaces can be harder to clean following splashes of food and liquid.

The law states the following –

“There are special requirements for rooms where you prepare, treat or process food. The design and layout of the room must allow good food hygiene practices, including protection against contamination between and during tasks. Wall surfaces must be maintained in a sound condition and be easy to clean and, where necessary, to disinfect.

This means that wall surfaces need to be made of materials that are impervious (i.e. do not allow fluid to pass through), non-absorbent, washable and non-toxic, and must be smooth up to a height appropriate for the work you do, unless you can satisfy your local authority that other materials are appropriate.”

Wall panels are easy to clean. With just a quick wipe you can get rid of any potentially dangerous bacteria because there are no places to hide. This allows the panels to meetall hygiene regulations, and as a result they are often used in:

As well as their hygienic properties, wall panels also look great. They are modern, stylish and come in a range of colours, which is especially important if you have a restaurant with an open kitchen.

Fire Resistant Properties

Plastic wall panels come in various grades of fire resistance, and different panels are suitable for different roles. Panels that are Class 0 or Class 1 Fire Rated have a high level of fire resistance. They are not fire proof because they are made of plastic and they will melt if exposed to very high temperatures for a long period of time, but their fire resistance is high enough for most applications.

There are various grades of wall panels, including Hyper Grade,Premium Grade, Plus Grade and Standard Grade. The fire ratings range from Class 0 to Class 1, so find out which panels will be most suitable for your establishment. You will be able to choose wall panels knowing that they meet fire regulations for commercial settings as well as all the other benefits they provide.

Choose Wall Panels for Your Business

Wall panels are being increasingly seen as the ideal choice for commercial settings where hygiene and fire safety are important considerations. They provide a hygienic solution as well as fire resistance, and they meet all the requirements for hygiene and fire regulations. The also provide a simple, long-lasting and stylish solution, so consider using them in your own establishment and take advantage of all the benefits they have.

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